Hong Kong - The HKIE Training Scheme
This is a 3 year training scheme approved by the HKIE (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers). Potential trainees are recruited annually via Career Talks at Hong Kong University, the University of Science & Technology and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Training includes the disciplines of design, methods, tendering, cost control and quality assurance in both building and civil engineering works. Trainees are assigned to different projects and departments where work is carried out under the supervision of a training tutor. The training is divided into 4 parts:
Part 1: Introduction to the company.

Part 2: General skills such as financial forecasting, budgeting & cost control, conditions of contract, computer techniques, statutory requirements affecting projects.

Part 3: On-the-job experience at head-office in the Design, Methods and Tendering departments.

Part 4: Work experience on site.

Hong Kong - The Apprentice Training Scheme
The Apprentice Training Scheme has recently been introduced by Dragages in Hong Kong. The 4 year scheme is open to candidates who have completed secondary level education. Dragages provides on the job training, as well as sponsoring tuition fees at schools such as CITA or VTC. The apprenticeship usually lasts for four years with the aim that trainees can then pursue their career at Dragages as part of the site supervisory team.
Singapore - The Graduate Recruitment Scheme
Dragages Singapore offers a graduate training scheme for engineering students at the National University of Singapore. It recruits around six students each year who are then offered on-the-job training with the company both in Singapore and overseas.